ListViews and iOS

Does it work on Android?

Absolutely, it was even in de play store a year ago @Peter
It had even more data in it then it has now. I wanted to try and make an iOS app, but I still develop it on Android. With ListViews side by side the app had a much simpler logic.

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Ok, I was wondering why I didn't get a Do it result.

Try this one:
fosdem4iOS_0129a.aia (462.8 KB)

I made some adjustments to the layout via blocks.

Hi @Anke, I tried. What did you do exactly? My version diverged from yours now, to give more information where you are at. But yours starts nicely now and mine does not.
However, if I try your version, then further on it looks like this:

I will finalize my version for Android and then upload it here.

And what should it look like?

Like this?

Sure. But how did you correct it?

I've now unfold the customized blocks (but I'm not entirely sure if there were all of them).
fosdem4iOS_0129b.aia (462.9 KB)

However, since I have described the principle that layout problems must be resolved via blocks, it should not be a problem for you to expand the relevant blocks and take a look.

Thank you. I think I got it.

fosdem4iOS_0201_iOS.aia (505.4 KB)
Here is the latest version (I think), that works with the latest data from the FOSDEM conference. In this version it was sufficient to set all heights to something fixed during design.

My conclusion is that iOS has problems when you set heights of anything to automatic, and, do no use ListViews in Horizontal arrangements!

Thanks @Anke !!

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