Listview create element

Why doesn't it work?
I have an app with empty listview. I want to populate it with 3 fields if the player is of age or no. In the designer the ListViewlayout is set to the last item (Main Text, Second Text, Image, Vertical).
I attach the photos, but it doesn't work for me.
Another question: if in the designer the Listview already had 2 default elements and I wanted to add 3 or 2 how should I do?
Thank you all


If you want to track attributes, do it in a table(list of lists), a dictionary, or in a data base like TinyDB.

Fill your Elements from whatever you extract from your data store.

A ListView is not intended for use as a data store.

Meanwhile, thanks for the answer. But I do not understand. Do you have any blocks to show me to be able to fill the elements of a block list? For example, a Picker list I fill it from the blocks by setting the Elementsfromstring property and assigning a text string with a delimitator a comma.

Anyway, it works here: