Lists of lists help

The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments: , ["nelson"], [1]
nelson being text1

look what i said

lets start from the top... how do i make a list of lists to which every element is to be a string variable.
i've been creating multi dimension arrays in other languages for decades, but for some reason i am not seeing it in app inventor. so far i have been making a master list which holds the names of other lists, but transporting multiple lists from one device to another is complicated. my goal is to put it in one list, one database.
Lets say I had a spread sheet with the top row being the names of projects. Each row being the data in those lists(projects, start time, end time, materials purchased etc)
How would I represent that in app inventor?

Why would you want the names of projects in the first row?
The first column of every row would make more sense, if it's a key.
The first row is best used (optionally) for a header row with column names.

no solutions then. Multi dimensional arrays can be defeating, for sure.

make like this :



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