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hi guys im really struggling what if your lists has different languages that your user can choose from and after choosing a certain language from the list it shows that language throughout the app in text do u do that?

Hello nomfundo

Instead of hard-coding things like label text, you set them with a list item.

For example, a Notifier:

Set a default Blocks List (in the above example it's "List_Prompts"):

Now, you can either have other Block Lists containing the prompts in other languages or you can store (ASD or Web) simple text files and import, re-populating "List_Prompts".

The list of Languages for the User to Choose from - ideally, each language name would be written in the native language. To handle that, consider using an HTML Table as a List:


This is called app localization. Here is a discussion How do I create multiple language app? - #2 by SteveJG .



hi steve soo im kinda new at this soo i have to doo all that in the blocks ?

thank you chris..soo with every language in the list i should do this for the blocks

and thank you very much.

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if you use this method, yes you do. It is actually not a large number of Blocks.

Alternatively, with more complexity you could write code using Blocks and the Translate component but then the translation would only work if your app is connected to the Internet.

Just provide the code for one language at a time; check your work; save an aia if it works (because if you make a mistake you cannot extract yourself from then you have a backup starting point)

Localization.aia (10.5 KB)

hi steve im struggling with the blocks of changing languages i donnot know if u can help me on screen.
MASISIZANEAPP.aia (970.4 KB) and an application block that can return me to a listview


This is another idea similar to @SteveJG 's example, the texts are in a translate.json file

To go from one language to another it is necessary that the text of the buttons is in English, for this a screen reset is carried out going back and forth to Screen2.

  "en": {
    "One": "One",
    "Two": "Two",
    "Three": "Three",
	"English": "English",
	"Español": "Español",
	"Français": "Français"
  "sp": {
    "One": "Uno",
    "Two": "Dos",
    "Three": "Tres",
	"English": "English",
	"Español": "Español",
	"Français": "Français"
    "fr": {
    "One": "Un",
    "Two": "Deux",
    "Three": "Trois",
	"English": "English",
	"Español": "Español",
	"Français": "Français"

traductor.aia (4.0 KB)


hi thank you for your hwelp but is there way to translate with language translations through changing text ?