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I am buiding af listvew with a createelements block. It will contain an image with a title and a description. I havent used this type of list view before but have problems fitting in the data. As i understand it i can put all three parametres into the create elements block and store them in a list as normal. After all are in i can put them in a set list view elements block and it should start imidiately. I display only a small part of the block and the function.

Not quite sure what you are doing, but once you have your list elements generated in a list, you need to set the list to the ListView.Elements block to display the (updated) listview.

I cant make it show the green.png eventhough it has been downloaded and a list type with image is enabled. A more simple example.

You might need to add // to the imageName to green.png to provide a path, assuming the image is stored in Media.

Image is stored in media, but two // did not work

One way:

produces :wink:

Adapt the example to your code. There are other ways to do this too.

is not a good example because it will not work.

You need to do this

and make sure you select image,maintext,detailtext in the designer properties for the listview

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