List view doesnt show well inside any layout arrangement,

Hi I'm making an event list app. Where use can view and create events. I'm trying to allow the user to click on an event from the list and view the details of the event.
My idea is to create a 'virtual screen' to show the details. I've read i need to place the list view in a layout arrangement then toggle visibilities. However, whenever I place the listview into horizontal or vertical arrangement, it disappears from my screen.
I'm very new to this and also dont know how to get it to display the details once selected. :face_exhaling:

testproject (2).aia (10.2 KB)

Yes this is a known issue that we are trying to resolve. The constraint layout causes the view to collapse to being zero width and height when it is placed in an arrangement.

I removed some Arrangements and started the framework to show details in Screen2.

testproject2A1.aia (12.9 KB)

I cheated by copying Designer components from the event creation screen wholesale into Screen2, dropping some spacers so I could see, and alternating visibility of the Event ListView and the detail event display Arrangement.

I moved the event display close button up top, to make vertical room.

The date and time pickers in screen2 need to be replaced with appropriately named Labels or textboxes, and the generic component dictionary adjusted accordingly.

You are storing the dates and times in ugly display formats, so I leave that to you.