LineString to draw a track


I am trying toi show my current track on a map by using LMineString block.
So a build a global viariable to use its contents for the string.
I am sure that the contents is good according the documentation of A2I but the LineString is never visible !

Test_Map_Trace.aia (3.6 KB)

This old Forum post about using a LineString might help.

Does that discussion help you solve your issue Frederic?


I have a look at that discussion and i’ll send a message afer :slight_smile:

No I have’nt found any answers in that discussion.
My string seem to be correctly writen because i haven’t any alerts from A2I …
But it’s stiil no running well.
It is as if i dont redraw correctly or something like that

Oh, it doesn’t? Displaying a LineString works here LineStringMap.aia (3.6 KB) A guess is you have an issue with your code that you have to debug most probably. A guess is

but there could be other issues. You might re-look at my example.

Have you fixed it yet?

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Now it’s run properly :slight_smile:

I only have twisted longitude and lalitude… It i sthe opposite to that I red in the howto page

Here is my project

Thank you for your help

Test_Map_Trace.aia (4.2 KB)

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