Level sensor progress bar

hi, I have an ultrasonic sensor sending data to Realtime database and to my app using the datachanged block which then reads the data in the app in Realtime..at the moment im showing this data using labels such as bin empty, bin 50% full, bin full ..just wondering is it possible to also show this data in a progress bar at empty, 50% full, etc.

Many ways to do this. Two for example:

  • You could use a set of images and display the one that matches the return
  • Use a label and set width to match "fullness" /height to suit/background colour to show

legend...yeah I was thinking the images. The label one is interesting i'l give that go too

Quick question ..if i connected a gps module to the esp32 is it possible to view its location in the app?

Sorry, do not have experience of either esp32 or a gps module for it. Perhaps @Juan_Antonio can help ?

No problem thanks for all the help im sure il have a few more queries soon :rofl:

You can send information from the ESP32 to the App via WiFi, classic Bluetooth or BLE.

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So if i sent the long and lat of the gps module from the esp32 over wifi to the app i can display it on a map?

Yes, ESP32 can send lat,long to App over WiFi and App will mark that position in a Map component.