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Hello, I have a project and I'm having trouble in the database. What I want is when the user enters his name, he plays the game and the score he gets is ranked as the first 5 people on the leaderboard. I've looked for similar apps but haven't found any results. I don't know every method as I am new to using it yet. I would be glad if you could help me with my project for a very short time.

Try a search on the community for leaderboard, scoreboard or high score.
(to search, use the magnifying glass icon on the top right of every page on the community)

I looked but I couldn't find anything useful for me, if anyone can help, I will throw the code blocks.

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I returned 42 results from a search for high score....


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i have the same results but there is no valid application for my program

It is likely therefore that no-one here will be able to help you, because 99% of all our knowledge on setting high scores and leader boards is contained in that search.

You may need to share your relevant blocks, or your aia project, and perhaps someone here may be able to help you with your very specific requirements.


Please download and post each of those event block(s)/procedures here ...
(sample video)


@Ferhat_Bolat, try this.
(I did not show how to do the clock and timer things in this but here is how to get the high score labeled!)

I had to take a break from the project for a few days due to my homework I will try as soon as I am available thank you

Your Welcome,
Hope it works!