Label HTML color code

Yes I looked indeed on this page. That's why I though this.

I think I have to find a way to convert decimal 64 into 32 bits. Or am I thiking too complicated.

You have found it, it is just a bit clunky....let us see if there is a better way....

Thanks :grinning:

The conversion does not look like fun !!

This is how to convert red from 64 bit to 32 bit to match that chart.
Don't know why the chart called it 32 bit when the numbers were 24 bit.

I am probably clipping the hex wrong.


Oeps.... that looks very dull and difficult indeed. Is your formula ABG usefull for every case you think? I'am going to try it...

Why is 32 bit still used in appinventor? Because is from older days for RGB?

I probably got lucky with the coding of the Red color.

Probably. Backwards compatibility is important for the impoverished target audience of MIT AI2.

It looks very good. I'm going to try it and let it know

Seems to work very well :smiley:

(Draggable - click on image first to get full size before dragging)

Usage Example:

:bow: @ABG

How about posting a link to it?

I'm not sure that sample tests correspondence with the color chart posted earlier.
The test does not check for scrambled or ignored color components.
Maybe feed it explicit triples from the chart, and compare the resulting color with the chart?

You are already a step forward. Its looks very good..... :ok_hand:

Yes right. I have to learn more how to use the links. Thanks

Tested on a range of set colours all seem to work as expected

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And it is really good. I tested it and compared it with the the use of tekstcolor. Every time is the same color.
Thanks all with this. Especially ABG. I can now make reports as I wanted.

That's 64, not 62.

Yes you are right. I saw it. Nevertheless it works like 64 :face_with_hand_over_mouth: