Ki04 mover not behaving predictably

I am using the Ki04 mover to relocate buttons on my screen.
I have 2 issues at the moment.

1 when I "set" the location to the current location, the button moves, approximatley the height of the object. I looks like the width is wrong and im not sure about the height.

2 when i initiate the move with a long click, it moves as it should, but then i cant seem to lock the position.

mover.aia (11.3 KB)

I started over and now the width seems to be more accurate. it was 1 before and now has some relevance.

when i save position it sets the left correctly but the top is set to the top+the height+9. this does not hold true if I change the height of the component.

The companion runs but downloading the app crashes or shuts down as soon as it opens

this option seems to work dependably

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I started with another 2 extensions. 1 to create dynamic buttons and another to move them
getting a null error, i dont see when or in what instance the agrument is null or nothing but the error says it is

dyncom.aia (49.2 KB)

i resolved this issue by changing the way i defined the button id. even though it looks loke the same text being used as the component id, the DynamicComponents1.Get ComponentID block wants its input to be the name of the component (NewButton) not the ID (

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