Keypad that does not work

Is it possible to add it to this ?

Because here there is a clear and delete button that is important for me

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To send datas (number 1, 2... 9, 0) should i do something like this ??

Make it like this :

Aia Project :
NewKeypad.aia (3.7 KB)

Screenshot :

Thank you very much, I'll do that.

But now, how can I send datas to my arduino with the BLE ?

Btw, I don't want a "share button" but that each digit I click is sended to the arduino, is it possible ?

i think you should use one account

Oh ok, sorry !

So is something like this correct ?

I think so, but you have to register button1 to ListOtherButton

because the ListOtherButton variable is useful for making (AnyButton.Click) not work with a button whose text will not be entered into a TextBox1

And to Get UUID Service and UUID Characteristic, Check This :

First add item

Screenshot (75)

Second Add Button

Something like this ? image

From 1 to 9 right ?

Btw, I don't have an ESP32, but an arduino UNO, so what should I do ? because this don't work BLE ESP32. Bluetooth. Send. Receive. Arduino IDE

I am confused with you :confused:

do you want all buttons (1,2,3) to send one by one number

You told me to add button1 to ListOtherButton, that's right what I did ?

And I don't have an arduino ESP32 but an arduino UNO, so I should see this : HM-10. BLE. Arduino UNO. Notify. Bluetooth. AT. iBeacon. Arrhythmia ?

Yes send one by one (when I press 1, 1 come in the LCD via the arduino, when I press 2, same , etc)

no, I mean, I think only button1 send data

oh no it was only an example, but i want all button (0 to 9 + clear and delete)

okay I understand,

do you also want to send clear and delete to Arduino?

Exactly, yes

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Interesting project, I'll add it to the topic about Arduino and HM-10.

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