Joystick move mouse

I would like to use this joystick to be able to vertically scroll a web page on an android tablet. Is it possible ?

2 suggestion:

  1. wetransfer only hold the file for 7 days, then the file will be deleted. at that time, the community users will not possible to download it
  2. before download the blocks, change to English language, since we can not use online translator to translate a photo.

Image and link modified

The Custom WebView Extension by vknow360 has a 'Scroll To' block, you might like to experiment with that before investing too much time.

Thank you for your answer but how to make this extension work with MIT APP?

Workflow should be like this:

  • CreateWebView
  • SetWebView
  • GoToUrl

For general purpose it should be enough.

Sorry but I'm having trouble understanding. Can you be more precise ?

A simple example:
CustomWebExample.aia (69.6 KB)