java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI scheme is not "file"

I had it set to directory at the time, yes, the directory is on my chromebook, not any cloud, or disk, or chip.
I have been messing around with for a while now. I am at the point now where I am selecting the tunes individually (and assigning names and artist data) to create play lists


should be on your device ?

is a chrome book not considered a device?

It is not the device your app / aia project is running on. Are you using companion app on your chromebook? Your private area is inside the aia project on your companion app, not an external directory on your chromebook....(think about how it would work when compiled and installed on a phone....)

Ok, so, I write it on a chromebook, and compile it on a chrome book, and run it on a chrome book, and pull music files from a chrome book.... is that not private?
The way it's written, the user (me) needs to surf around on the device to locate music files. Am I missing something about file location? Does it have to be specified and then the device is locked into that location? I would leave the file scope as 'App', but that means any files written would be according the app and not the user, no?
For now I am locating the music file on the device, (either chromebook or phone) and assigning data (title artist etc) in an array and saving that to a DB. Not saving the music file to a DB

Not sure I fully understand what you are up to:


i am confused.... should i not write apps for my chromebook? i have done so anyway, and it runs very well on all devices, i was just asking why the app shuts down when i try to get a directory listing.

See a description of the file scopes here Storage and try file scope Legacy

I do not know, if this will work on a Chromebook...

Alternatively try the File extension and its FileList method together with a directory name (not content uri)


Seems you know more about this than me :wink:

A couple of links


Which directory should that be? That doesn't make any sense at all.

that is the directory which is reported back whilst selecting a file. I was messing around with the scope and the mime, but they all look the same. This one is just a directory, so it has no file name attached to the end. The file names are cryptic numbers, but dissecting an mp3 is a task for another day.

I'll have another read over your literature, thanks. File structure on an android is so much more complicated than I am used to. Using a filepicker as provided helps a little, but it's all about having that knowledge stored up in ones head....
I have never had any storage issues using tiny db on any device, only when it comes to a 'file' as opposed to a data base. The learning curve is looooong

The FilePicker will not return a directory, but a file (path) after selecting it. The directory path you posted here points to an external removable SDcard.

This has nothing to do with the FileScope = Private. The latter refers to the app-specific internal storage, which of course cannot be accessed with the FilePicker. Listing audio files (MP3s, M4As, OGGs,...) from a removable SD card is no problem. However, you cannot do this with the File component because you cannot use a full path there (but it is needed). However, it is not a problem to do it with the TaifunFile or Sunny's FileTools extension.



Ok, I've actually hardly ever used FilePicker before, so I wasn't aware of this. However, to get the real path you should do it like I showed.

I am also confused with the block you have, FileTools1.. ? from where does that come?... nm, I figured that out I think, Sunny's tools


Thanks Anke, I installed Sunny's file tools, and just have to try and muddle my through. Ultimately I am just trying to capture the path chosen by the user in order to extract music files, particularly .mp3 files for a music player. Maybe I have the wrong .aix, all my purple blocks say Mfile -:- correction, only found Taifun/Sunny Filetools
Can you please supply a link to Sunny'sF FileTools please.

I still have no clue as to why my app shuts down immediately just trying to look at the directory. My best guess is that filepicker and file do not play well together OR the AI2 file tools do not work (according the 'known bugs' and always suggested using someone else's file tools) OR a directory MUST be determined at development time, and CANNOT be chosen by the user OR android file system is the most convoluted system since the invention of a gene.

Please provide an example project as simple as possible and add a short description of what needs to be done to elicit this issue