Is there any extension or tool for dynamic quiz/exam/survey generation

Even if the block will generate test questions as i hoped, but how can i respond to click of a submit button for a specific question?

apparently, Im not alone here, see this post by Ayun_Challymalang
Click event on a Button created with DynamicComponents

There's no solution for that post yet. Hope some smart cookie can help us here? Thanks

the example is able to process as much as questions and corresponding answers as you like...
you can load the question list with 3 questions or 100 questions, it does not matter for the logic used in the example...
you have to adjust the example to your needs... as already said

let's assume, there is a max. of 4 possible answers... if a question only offers 3 answers, then just set the 4th answer to visible = false

too complicated for a simple problem like a quiz...
you can have a fix question/answers layout... no need for a dynamic layout...

see here:

but as said by @Taifun, you probably do not need to use dynamic components for what you want to do.

my determination to have dynamic component starts to shake, I will try to use a static layout. Do you see anything major out of place in the block i posted? Thanks.

Thanks for the information, it's great to know that. Will try.