Is there a particular reason why mit app inventer doesn't offer the ability to change the package name of the app?

Use AI2Offline.


I tried, but I got this error.


I can't access this link.

It looks like you have overseen the very beginning...

Note: Please see this solution by @Anke. Thank you Anke.

Note: According to Mr. Pratim, the process ddescribed below is outdated. The package name now can be changed by:

  1. Using apktool 2.1.1 decompile the apk, edit it and recompile it.
  2. Getting a pem certificate and pk8 key with OpenSSL.
  3. Signing the apk.

Mr. Pratim described this process in detail here. Thank you!

See also this guide by Avram. Thank you!

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I access this link Please see this solution by @Anke and I can't move on from step 3.

How do I run this black window and decompile the apk?


I installed apktool already but I don't understand what this means. What is d?

d = decompile
Did you install the "apktool"?

Yes. I installed.

Copy the APK in the installation folder folder and run (CMD)
"apktool.bat d yourApp.apk".

Thank you for your reply.

I'm in trouble again. I got packging errrors constantly.

I want to change the package name made in app inventor to my unique package name. In this case, how do I do step 4, 5? I'm confused about the folder and directory name from where to where. I don't have io/kodular~.

So what is that unique package name you like to use and what is the package name currently?

As you probably can see yourself, it would be wise to follow these steps only if you know what you are doing...


I tried applying that tutorial to my situation. But it's hard to apply step5 to my situation. It's hard to apply the address of file path.

So following step 5a) by @Anke:
inside the smali folder you have to create the folder com and inside that folder com the folder dearsimple
Then copy folder memox into folder dearsimple

  1. b) Then, do I have delete 'appinventor' folder?


inside the smali folder you have to create the folder com

There is already a folder called 'com' in the 'smali' folder, and there are other folders in the 'com' folder. Then, can I create a folder called 'dearsimple' in the 'com' folder that already exists?






Should I do the same on smali_classes2 as well?