Is there a list of functionality that works/does not work

Is there a track of what functionality works/does not work for iOS
I tested cloudDB and found the StoreValue and GetValue procedures work, but the ValueStored and GotValue events do not.




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Those events should be working. @ellelili2025 can you take a look at this?

Thanks both. I found out that it doesn't work if using Redis Labs and it works ok if you use "DEFAULT" for Redis Server. I guess this could be because DEFAULT uses SSL and when using Redis Labs you can't use SSL, so maybe iOS only works with SSL (same program works fine with Android).
I signed up for a free account with Redis Labs and was using this in a program and after changing to using DEFAULT it now works.
Are they any other free providers for CloudDB that can be used?
There are still some layout issues which I am investigating - is there a track of bugs or "known differences".

Another community user checked with all the main providers (free account) of redis. Either they do not offer SSL or their method for serving redis is incompatible with the CloudDB component.

You can build your own, but this is not for the faint-hearted :wink: :

Thanks I might have a go at this as my job is an IT consultant and I have just being using Stunnel recently and I run Lubuntu on my laptop, so I could tun the procedure on my laptop for multiplayer apps with my family on the same LAN (which is all I have used it for so far) and I could always open a port up on my router to play apps with extended family and friends.
So to confirm, are you saying (as I guessed) that iOS AI2 only supports CloudDB with SSL, unlike Android which support both non-SSL and SSL, or is this just an assumption as to why it doesn't work with Redis Labs

MIT will need to confirm this functionality (or lack of it) with iOS.

A reading of the code suggests that using RedisLabs without SSL shouldn't be an issue. We'll set up a test server on our end sans SSL and see if there is anything at runtime that could be causing an issue.

I have confirmed that non-ssl doesn't work for IOS and have created #712 to track it.

I did extensive research on this some time ago. None of the "free" commercial redis server offerings will work with SSL using the CloudDB blocks. Developers would need to build their own redis server in order to use SSL. This applies to ANdroid, so presumably iOS as well.

This sounds really surprising to me. SSL is at a different layer in the OSI stack than Redis itself works at, so if there are issues they should be independent of the technology that is Redis. I could imagine that if they're using newer certificates than certain versions of Android/iOS support, or if they derive from a root certificate not trusted by older versions of the platforms, that there would be issues. But your comment suggests is cross-cutting issue in spite of the fact that CloudDB should be deferring to the platform's root certificate trust.

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