Is our future secured on app inventor if i learn app inventor

if i learn app inventor then our future is secured .in future if playstore wil not allow app inventor app then what will happen ?

Simple. Just re-create the app by coding.
Anyways, this will never happen. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why? :thinking:

i dont know google mind

If you want to secure your future in coding Android apps, graduate from App Inventor to a Java based professional compiler like Android Studio (it is free). App Inventor is a very good introduction to Android programming using simplified methods. You could start programming with App Inventor however most companies will want a programmer that has Kotlin or Java skills. If you want a successful career in programing, learn Java. App Inventor skills are useful but not in great demand.

There is no guarantee what PlayStore will accept in the future. Google sets its policies, not MIT. MIT continually monitors Google's requirements and makes changes to App Inventor to create apps compliant with PlayStore policies and appropriately updates App Inventor.


You know what? your question can apply to any Android programming language in the market except for Android Studio, but still this should not stop you from learning any language and move on to the more professional ones. For the time being I'm sticking with AI2 (8 Million. users can't be wrong)

Same question asked in Kodular's community

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