Is it possible to send "command+C" to a Mac (or "ctrl+c" in windows) by bluetooth?

I would like to create a small app to help older people to "cut, copy and paste" using an android smartphone.
The idea is simple: 5 buttons (connect to PC/Mac bluetooth, send "ctrl+c", send "ctrl+v", send "ctrl+x", disconnect).
I made something similar using an Arduino, but I would like to bypass it; I see how to send "c" but i cannot find how to send "command+c".
If someone can tell me where to find some information, I would be very grateful.

Hi Christian.

While an Android can connect directly to a Bluetooth device using App Inventor, App Inventor 2 apps cannot connect directly to a PC or Mac computer. You need an interface to do that (for example your Arduino).

Are you attempting to create a text editor within your app or trying to control and edit text on a computer from an Android?

You might be able to use Using LINUX commands in App Inventor. Extension depending on what you actually want to do.

Thank you Steve.

My idea is to reuse an old Android to control and edit text on a computer: "my grandpa" writes something on PC, select it and, as he is not "comfortable" to click two keys at the same time, he could press a button on the display of his old Android device that transmit "CTRL+C" to his computer.
Is not important to communicate by bluetooth (USB could be the same).
I'll read the link you suggest.
Thanks again

he is not "comfortable" to click two keys at the same time

In Windows try with AutoHotKey