Is it possible to make new sprites/balls while playing

I have been trying to make a space shooter game, but I have to use a large amount of sprites for the guns, balls, and enemies, but I do not think it will run well with them all, is it possible to make sprites then delate them

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How many distinct sprites will you have visible on the canvas at any one time ?

Whatever that number, this is the number of sprites you need, the rest is code/blocks.


It is possible to make Sprites, then hide or show them. You might benefit from this discussion


Thanks to the update by @Kevinkun to his CompCreator extension (V7.1), it is now possible to create and remove ImageSprites on a canvas.

makeNewSprites.aia (21.8 KB)


There is an inbuild Children block in the extension, no need to maintain an extra list by user.
Maybe there is one issue: when you have several type of children component...


Yes, Children. I was concerned it might also return any non dynamic sprites or balls, but experimenting shows it only returns the dynamic ones. Clever stuff :slight_smile:

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how do i get compcreator to be a supported file

  1. Download the extension (version 7.1), from the link, to your computer
    (it downloads in a zip file so you need to extract the aix file from within)
  2. Start a new aia project. ( Do not connect to the companion app)
  3. At the bottom of the palette on the left of the screen, select Extension, the last entry
  4. Click on the Import extension link
  5. Select the extension from your computer in order to import it
  6. Drag the extension from the Extension area to the Designer area (the phone image)
  7. The extension should appear in the Components palette on the right
  8. The extension is now ready to use, and its blocks will be available in the Blocks editor.
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Actually, you don't need to start a new project. :wink:
You can import an extension to any project of yours. :grin:

I think I was doing the wrong link, but the down load link dose not work for me, it is possible that since this is a school computer it is blocked as it is one of the two screens that pop up when it is blocked. is their a different way to get it.

Try directly going to the website link :

Use the translate feature if you need it.

Scroll down the the Downloads sections.

Download the last file and then extract it.

You'll find the .aix file in the extracted folder.

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