Is it possible to make app run in the background even the app is exit?

I just found that:

Even it's look like easily :joy:

But that topic is for minimising the app to the background.

Do you think it will work if the app is removed from the background ?

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This is what i made so that it look like in the background. :joy:
but it no work if remove from background :joy:

Like this? Then it will automatically run in background? :rofl:

Here is what the block i see:-

Then it will automatically run in background?

Of course now it is possible to work with Background tasks using an extension.

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Alright, thanks for the clarification. :grin:

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Cant compile the project :joy:

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How many and which other extensions do you use.

just a few may be about 8 or 9 extension like that, but that's no a point, once i put the block of activity life cycle extension provided, it come up this

Open a new project, add only this extension and try to compile ...

Alright, i try

Hmm.... it work, so then what problem actually :thinking:

As I already asked:

That's what i use now :joy:

Try this one (compiled with Rush this time):
de.bodymindpower.activityLifecycle.aix (5.2 KB)

and report if your project is now compiling...

Just testing, look like same problem :joy:

Post the aia or send it to me via PM.

NotificatioStyle_MIT.aia (73.1 KB)

Try this one: NotificatioStyle_MIT2.aia (64.7 KB)

Note: The Notification Style developed by Jarlisson does not work on Android 11+.