Is it possible to make an application that interacts wtih a web page?

Hello, I am trying to make an app that would be able to play an old browser game( for me.
What I want the application to do is to "click" these green buttons when they are off cooldown. I have worked with app inventor for a while but I never got into HTML or Java so I'm wondering if it's even possible to do this(I am assuming i would have to use the Web component but it's too complicated to understand), and if yes an example would really help. thanks

See here:

There is now a runjs block for the Webviewer which can make things easier. You will need to delve into the game html code to find the correct element id/....

See here for how you might get source data back from a rendered web page

would this be the Element ID of the button?
And what would I have to put inside the Java script?( .click(); method?)

Possibly, though they could be css classes
Try following the guide