Is it possible to limit the number of boxes in a list view?

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I import a googlesheets file that has many rows, is it possible to show me only the last 10 rows in a list view?

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Search this board for Go Scroll Yourself for an example.

Forgive my inexperience, but I didn't see in the Go Scroll Yourself what I need to do.....

I put the block for you to see it, in the list view I see all the rows of the google sheets and I only want to see the last 10.

thanks for your help

You probably could use gviz together with the limit clause, see

and Query Language Reference (Version 0.7)  |  Charts  |  Google for Developers


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Or if you want to call back all the data for other purposes, something like this:

Thank you very much, it was difficult for me but I finally achieved the goal, I was also able to filter by word, great

what about providing a screenshot of your solution to help others with similar problems in the future?

This filters by the page, by row A and also by the phrase (interv: BARC)


limit 100 limits to 100 the number of matches that will be displayed in the list view

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You should UriEncode the entire query

e.g. SELECT ... limit 100

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