Is it impossible to update the apps in Google Play Console with Google's latest changes?


I keep receiving ultimatums from Google, and I can't take it anymore. The information from forums and tutorials changes continuously and creates even more confusion. Is there any way to have an updated guide on how to upload new versions to the Google Play Console?

The .aab files give errors, the signing tools as well, and deleting the new keystores doesn't work anymore either...

Honestly, I have the feeling that Google is only trying to push small developers out of their store by acting in bad faith (dishonesty or treachery).

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I feel the same way and I'm sure many others do too. I have often been more than critical of these idiotic new restrictions and targetSdkVersions that are introduced every year. This BS must and will stop. Very soon!

Nevertheless, please be a bit more specific about what exactly your problem is.


orry for the imprecise message...

I want to update an app to a new version in Play Console. When I upload the new .aab, even after following your steps to delete the previous Keystore and generate a new one from App Inventor, I get the error that it needs to be signed:

If I try to sign it following the Play Console instructions, I get this error:

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If your last (current) version was updated as an APK, you can still use APKs for new updates.

Anyway, the keystore must be identical to the last (original) version.

First of all, thank you very much, Anke.

Upon reviewing, I noticed that I had the app name wrong because I had uploaded it with an "_11" added. This generates the zip with the private key, but it tells me that it does not correspond with the current certificate.

Here I get lost with the .jks files; it seems to ask for a previous one and a current one.

I also tried uploading the APK directly because it is from before August 2021, but it also gives a certificate error (logically).

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  1. Which builder (AI2, Kodular, Niotron, ...) was the app created with?
  2. When was the app created and published in the Play Store.
  3. In which format was the last app version built / uploaded (APK or AAB)?
    See also here: Signatures for App Bundles - #5 by Anke
  4. Which keystore was used for the original (last) app version. Was the app signed within the build server (AI2, Niotron, ...?) or subsequently outside the build server (like I have been doing for years)?
  5. Was the original keystore backed up (saved)?


  1. AI2
  2. It was my first app, published on November 7, 2016.
  3. APK
  4. With the build server AI2.
  5. Unfortunately, no. I tried deleting the Keystore to generate a new one, but I didn't make a backup.

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If the keystore is definitively lost, there is no way to get it back or use a new one. The ultima ratio (only option) is to ask Google to assign a new one to you.

That's what I thought, thanks for everything, Anke!

Or build a new app (rename the old project name (e.g. from "myProject" to "my_project" (this generates an new packageName), build the AAB and publish it as a new app in the Play Store. Then you might want to unpublish the old app version.

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If the last update actually dates back to 2016, then hardly anyone would have access to your app via the Play Store anyway, since you haven't implemented the last targetSdkVersion updates. Therefore, in the end it would be easier and, above all, faster to republish the app under a slightly different package name.

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But in this case the 20 tester requirement applies?


No, I don't think so. He already published an app in the Play Store.

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This thread is about updating an old apk file
This is not about aab and keystore
This is also not about Android Studio
Your answer therefore is not useful here in App Inventor and looks more like spam like your other contribution, which was flagged as spam