Is all of this possible

I want to have a music player that will play an mp3 by selecting from a list. I also want to, when the tune is selected and a play button pushed have a jpg image automatically open on a new screen.

Using some examples of Taifun Player and Taifun Files I have found on this site I have the selection player part working.

Everything is stored on the external card. The MP3 and image files have exactly the same name except for the extension.

I think it should be possible to make the image list the same way as the mp3 list but, I don't seem to be able to get that sorted. I also need to sort the list alphabetically and not have the file extension show on the list.

If I can link the image to the music file there is no reason to actually see the list of images. I've included a file of what I have so far.
SoundAndPictureRev2.aia (110.9 KB)

You can use this extension Metatag per file mp3 - ClassicExtensions - Community

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Had a look at that, I'm sure it's useful but, I don't think it's quite what I need. I already have the file names for both mp3 and jpg and can make the list using that.

let me suggest you to use the same screen, see also tip 1 here

you said, the filenames are exactly the same, only the file extension is different... which means one list without file extension is sufficient...

there are several sorting solutions available, for example

you do not have that problem, if you remove the file extension in your original list
just add mp3 to set the source of the player or add jpg to display the corresponding image


Thank you, looks like I have more studying to do.

I've switched players so that I can have the ability to change speed of the music. This is necessary because the music will be used for dances where it is sometimes too fast or slow.
I get an error because there are two initialize instructions. How do I rearrange the blocks to eliminate that error?

In the screenshot I only can see 1 Initialize event... you can use an event only once...


There is another initialize in the plyr call block, second block down on left. I don't find any way to eliminate one.

this is the Initialize method of that extension...
you should fill all sockets...
how to work with that extension see its documentation


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Something like this?

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Yes, very much like that. Probably using a different html file instead of jpg but, I don't think that would make much difference. I have a html viewer working the way I want. JPG would be ok if it were enlargable and scrollable. The little bit I've played with them I couldn't get that to happen. Also the html files take much less room in storage.

I used this:

you will find last version here

it will allow you to add image directly in the mp3 file

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Does the picture have to be imbedded into the tag or, can it be a file on the drive? Can it be a html file to be viewed in a web viewer?

How do I get this player to play an audio file from a list? I have gotten it to play videos from web and youtube. I have not been successful in playing a local audio file. I can play using the taifun player but, I need the ability to change speed.
I think these are the relevant blocks.

aia for reference
MP3Player_question.aia (382.8 KB)


the space in the path might be an issue...
you can try to replace the space by %20 and try again

another thing could be, that the extension is not able to play files from external (removable) sdcards
did you get it running with a file from ASD?


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It works (with a removable SD card).

I finally got it to work with just one file (spelling error :frowning_face:) but, it may be a moot point. Song plays but when I try to change the speed it changes into music gibberish if that is a thing. Sounds like many things being played at the same time.
When I try to play it again I get this.