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Yes, and that must be done every time you want to use a different app on your iphone, right? Instead, having a menu inside the Companion, you could choose the app you want to use among the ones you have installed.

With Androind the Companion is not really necessary. Ok, it makes testing the apps a little quicker, but when the app is ready you can just create the apk and install it. And you can do it with all the apps you have created. Every app will be on you Android phone at the same time. Instead, with iOS, you cannot have more than one App Inventor app running on your iphone, the one you installed in your Companion. Allowing the Companion to install and access many apps at the same time -while we wait for Apple giving the green flag to load in the App Store apps created with App Inventor- will make App Inventor on iOS a little more "real", as you don't have to install and reinstall your apps when you want to switch from one app to another one.

How should it be possible to open multiple apps at the same time with Companion (with the same account)? As I said earlier, with Companion, there is no difference between Android and iOS in this regard.

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With any software, you can (re)design it so that it can run alternative codes. It would require some work, but having a "multi-app" companion would alleviate the never ending story (I started waiting in 2019) of AppInventor's apps being installable on iOS devices.

Sorry to bump in this thread but I have a question about iOS development. I made some apps for my Android device and they work flawless. Now I switched to an iPhone and I have not been a user of iOS for 10years now. Ok here is a stupid question. I fount the instructions to sign an app with the developer account but I need to pay 99$ pey year. Does the app expire after 1 year if I don't renew the license?


See e.g. here:

Ok thanks.. so the app stays installed and work on the device, but it is not awailable on Appstore and no updates. To be clear I only want to make a specific app for my own iPhone. I really don't want it on App store or anyone else installing it. But as far as I have read I really can't install the app without Appstore right?

Then all you have to do is install the app (IPA - ad hoc) on your iPhone. To do this, you only need an Apple Developer account at the time of installation.

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I just read somewehre that here in EU app sideloading will be available. So you know anything about this?

I believe you are referring to the EU's Digital Markets Act. As far as I know, Apple has not stated how they plan to address that legislation, either specifically in the EU or more broadly. Today, at least, you can participate in the Apple Developer Program and use the certificates in that program to sign and load your apps built with MIT App Inventor.

Waooo, The long expected iOS development seems so close yet SO FAR!

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Yes you are correct. I am expecting a plot twist with this. Apple does not like to be pushed around. I was looking for a way to install one single app but I'm not really grasping how this is done. I really don't want to pay 100 bucks for one single app that will expire in one year. The instructions for downloading a request i found aleeady but I can't find where on the developer account (free) I can upload it? Am I missing something? I'm really new to this iOS stuff