Intercept start and close app

In fact, when I go into my apps, I consult the metrics.
They are really very useful.

But there is not, or at least I never found it, a section that tells me how many apps have been started at a given moment.

The prospective customer doesn't care that the app has been installed a million times, but how many of that million are on the screen and used.

Because maybe of that million, in a day, only 10 are started.
Of course being able to demonstrate how many installations, from which countries they have been carried out and everything else is very useful, but if you don't know how many are open at that moment, you can't even care about that million if nobody looks at your advertising.

In addition to the fact that you certainly cannot give him your credentials to have him read the data in Playconsole.
He will certainly want to be able to press a button and see the numbers that tell him how many apps are on the screen.
Thanks anyway for the information, and for the fact that you are interested in solving the problem, you are truly unique, very many thanks.

Do you get data feedback from the ad manager in place ? I would have thought that would be more important to your customer.. not the number of app openings but the number of ad displays - which is how you get paid :wink:

in this app it is important to know, at that moment in that particular hour, how many are watching it. Of course it is also important to know how many have been able to look at the screen But it is more important to know how many at the moment I want to know So I click on a button And he has to show me the number of all those who are looking at the app at that moment. and this every time throughout the day that I will press the button.

@TIMAI2 Verifying the List length works perfectly in the Master App. However, using the default CloudDB, how do we point all the User Apps to the same DB?

From the help:
The CloudDB component is a Non-visible component that allows you to store data on a Internet connected database server (using Redis software). This allows the users of your App to share data with each other.

I have given the Master and User Apps the same ProjectID and the same Token. This works, but is it best practice?

  1. I wouldn't recommend the MIT provided cloudDB database for a production app. Users should use their own server
  2. The apk should contain the cloudDB credentials, so that all users of the app connect to the same database. Each installed device / user should be identifiable......

Indeed that's a given, especially when the App potentially has a large User Base.

I'm not sure that is necessary in this case? The Users only upload two integers and do not read the DB.

I should have used a ? on the second one :wink:

Hi Angelo

There are some creases to iron out for your Real World Project (see Tim's notes), but here is an example using a Master App and a User App:

MasterApp.aia (4.3 KB)

UserApp.aia (3.5 KB)

The User App has to be installed as an APK as the Companion does not support exiting the App via an App function. The Master App can be run from the Companion. There is already a record of Openings and Closings from my testing.

Excuse me if I didn't answer you last night, but I fell asleep.
I tried the two apps and they work, I can't believe it is great.

I tried them only with two mobile phones, even starting them at the same time and closing them at the same time, they recorded everything perfectly.

If they keep that precision, even with thousands of open and close it will be fantastic.

But to test it on large numbers, I will need time and I will keep you informed.

You know what you have done, in addition to something that is extraordinary for me, (but I think it is for all those who have been following this adventure for days), that the saying: never give limits to knowledge, is increasingly confirmed by professionals like you and this fills me with joy and spurs me to create more and more objects, which I hope will be useful for many.

The fact that you discuss them as if they were little student problems makes you great characters, thank you, for me (and I hope to interpret the thoughts of everyone else) and thanks for the others who will use this fiction. You have been great, you have once again solved a great Problem.

Thanks were directed to all of you, and I was addressing the plural, but the translator always transforms everything into the singular, and it seems that I am addressing only one of you.
So I renew my thanks to everyone.

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