Install an APK after downloading to ASD - works on all Android versions

Dear Anke,

installAPK_AI2.apk runs normally (download + install) = SUCCESSFUL

Is the version of de.bodymindpower.InstallAPK.aix that I am using compatible (the version shown in the picture)?


Yes, but I still need to add a "Download.Completed" event, as @Taifun said:

You have to wait for the download to complete:



@Boike_Rimba As @Taifun said:

"the method DownloadFileToASD is an asynchronous method and usually there should be an event to indicate, that the download has been finished..."

So remove the close application block and wait until the download has been finished.
I try to add the Download.Completed even soon (when I have more time).


@Boike_Rimba I added the Download.Completed event (→ Version 3 of the extension).

Example blocks

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Dear Anke,

My installation process was successful.
Thank you for the instructions & the newest extension.


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When it comes to downloading the APK from google drive, you can download and install applications using ActivityStarter and it does not require any permissions on Android 9.

Which permissions?

What are you talking about here and how does that relate to this extension?
What are you trying to explain to us?

I wonder what additional benefits this extension will give me if I want to install applications from google drive? How does this relate to the installation method using ActivityStarter? Maybe in android 11 it is no longer possible to install from ActivityStarter and I will have to use the extension? I don't know, that's why I have doubts.

Then show your blocks to download an APK and install it using ActivityStarter (or post a test aia).

And I've doubts that it still works for newer Android versions with ActivityStarter.
See also here:

I will prepare a test application and you can see it on a newer android. Unfortunately, I have nothing newer than android 9.

Install this application. After opening the application there is an "Install App" button. After clicking on it, the application will download itself :wink: .

And here is AIA:
install_me.aia (2.0 KB)

This method downloads the file using Web and installs using Activity.
The method that is in my application doesn't download the file, at least not through the download manager. Installs it directly from disk. No permissions are required for this.

I suspect that this method uses "google drive" applications and mechanisms built into them.

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First of all, thank you very much for your work, and forgive me the question because I am a newbie.

With this extension, is it possible for the same app as the extension to update itself or do I have to create an app1 to update app2?

If not, is there a way, for newbies, to have an app (hidden) inside another app (visible)?

@Nacho Any app can be downloaded and installed. So also the same app that contains the extension. What exactly is the purpose / intention?

I have already managed to let my app know when there is an update, and my intention would be to add your extension to that app so that I can update this app without having to create something like an external "installer".
Could it be possible?

Yes, but the app (the user) should know when the update (download of the APK and installation) should take place.

Describe the process steps exactly:

  1. App was installed for the first time
  2. Four weeks later ... a new version of the app was created
  3. The APK has been uploaded to ... (?)
  4. ...

Yes Yes. So there is no problem. When the app starts it makes a query to a website to see if there is a new update and launches a message. So the user would not have to do anything to know when to update.

Do you mean this when you talk about steps?

I was worried if an app could update itself (without using another one), because I guess it will have to be closed to apply the changes and then I don't know how it works