In PaintPot the DrawingCanvas.Dragged produce a thick fan-like line

I ma trying to learh App Inventor and have created PaintPot ( I am using the book App Inventor 2 by David Wolber et al) . Instead of a thin line, I get a fan- like result, as if I am using a 5" paint brush. I have pasted an upload link below, hope it works.

Any help would be appreciated

Welcome Harry.

Here is one way to get a fan like line on the Canvas.

Thank you for this response. In actual fact what I am trying to achieve is the opposite – what should be a straight line is showing as a fan. I at the very early stages of learning App Inventor, and have only keyed in the PaintPot example. This works, but draws the ‘fan’ instead of a line.

Attached is a screen shot of the blocks

[C:\Users\harry\OneDrive\Pictures\Screenshot 2022-02-02 100153.jpg](https://C:\Users\harry\OneDrive\Pictures\Screenshot 2022-02-02 100153.jpg)

Many thanks


Image that should have been uploaded in previous post


Line width 10 - result

Thanks for this. It did not quite work - the additional code gave a option for 'line widt/2' and I don't have this '/2' option. The result is a full screen of colour.

What is bizarre is that I have downloaded this example from the website
and it works perfectly. Looking at the blocks, they look exactly as the ones I have set up. Could this be the version I am using or the physical layout of the blocks - is there an order of execution, as I would have to ensure, as when I am coding in php?


Try this, line width was set in designer view

PaintPot2_1.aia (177.0 KB)

Check in the Designer that Screen1's Attributes Sizing is Responsive, instead of Fixed.

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Many Thanks . I changed this and it is now working the way it should. Much appreciated !

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