Impossible de mettre en route appinventor quand firebase dans le code (Unable to start appinventor when firebase in code)

Impossible d ouvrir une application appinventor quand elle comporte firebase dans le codage.
Alors que sans firebase dans le codage aucun soucis

Welcome Michael.

Can't open an appinventor app when it has firebase in the coding.
While without firebase in the coding no worries

Firebase is not compatible with Android versions <= Android 5. However if you are using a newer version your issue may be different. What version of Android are you using to test your app?

Bonsoir c est un Samsung s10e et Android 12

Toutes les applications avec appinventor fonctionne normalement
Des que j inséré firebase l apprise téléchargé bien mais ne s'ouvre pas

Perhaps this discussion will help. Firebase error only en apk

I can't provide additional advice. Perhaps if you post your Blocks image someone else might be able to provide specific advice.