Implementing C++ source code (How to convert seconds to H:M:S format)

Greetings team,
How could I implement this C++ source code that I wrote some years back? The purpose of the program is to enter the amount of seconds and to have the time displayed as:
Hour: Minutes: Seconds. C++ source code
case '1':
cout<<"Enter time in seconds: \t";
hour= time/3600;
time= time%3600;
min= time/60;
time= time%60;
sec= time;
cout<<"\n\nThe time is : "<<"\t\t" <<hour<<"::"<<min<<"::"<<sec ;
cout<< "\n";
Please view what I have tried so far, and

I'm getting -Infinity on the bottom line. I'm unable to find a way to declare the "Time" variable the way I did using C++


This thread may help you.

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Open this blocks image in a separate window to browse it.
The .aia is at
from a countdown timer.
AI2 has no int data types, so you always have to clip fractions using math blocks like floor, ceil, round, dividend, etc.

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Please check this as well,

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Is this what you want to do?

yes this is exactly what I'm looking to do. Do you have the details of how I should declare "Hour, Min and sec", or will the engine identify them respectively?

like this:


You can pretty it up too

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I want to go with the first logic illustration, however, how do I manage to get the Join to have more than just 2 slots? Please refer to my picture in order to see how mine is looking.

Click on the 'gear' icon (blue) immediately preceding the word 'join'

I want to say thank you to everyone who had participated in this thread, this was a great experience with the wonderful community, my issue has been resolved. Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to doing my part in the community.

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