iMGY : Encode anything into images & back again!

@Kumaraswamy I have encoded the text file and saved it as (hello.png) and encoding was success.
Tried to set hello.png in image component and no image is viewable.
Also i can't decode the file (hello.png to hello.txt) and it's not returning output. how to decode?

I can't get an image component to display an encoded file either (but it does show in Google Photos)

Decoding works OK, but if using the file component to read the file you need to ensure that your file paths are correct.

Doesn't work for me @TIMAI2 anything wrong:

extension_tester1.aia (37.8 KB)

Don't know about how it will work on Kodular?

Here are my AI2 blocks and screenshot (now displaying image - the thick black line), tested on companion app


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Yes it doesn't work in Kodular in both companion and compiled apk