ImagePicker is redirected to the ASD for Android 10+

I know there is a lot to do right now.
But if there is any new insight on this, please let us know.

Will it eventually be possible for Canvas (and those other components) to save into a Shared folder?

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Thank you @Anke that is very clear!

Follow-up: Returning to the subject of this thread... will ImagePicker be able to access the Shared directory? Would it be appropriate for ImagePicker to use the DefaultFileScope (Shared vs ASD vs Legacy)?

I do not yet have a recent Android Device to test this on.


It doesn't matter here.

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Something like this would be nice: swift - App's own image folder in UIImagePickerController - Stack Overflow

This refers to iOS / Swift.

Yes, but I thought the user experience presented at the link might be generalizable in the way it addresses:

How should the ImagePicker present the user with resources in both private storage (ASD) & shared storage?