Image Sprite Collide with

The collide with event is very often triggered by me and the variable other shows only some things :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

Welcome @RED

Why not show your blocks? With the info you give there is no way in helping you.

You might be having Sprite cannibalism.
See this sample project for how to avoid it …

In this very interesting example I took a lot of ideas, but I noticed this sentence: " It is a result procedure instead of a global variable because you can’t define component blocks before the app runs,"
So I applied it the way it was done there,

but I changed it to define a list variable and it worked fine.

Was there a change in the way the components are handled?

Yes, the global initialization restrictions were loosened in AI2 after many samples were written.

(I have gone back and updated the doc. Thanks for the note.)

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