Image quality very low when set image on "Image"

Original Image:

Low output:

HI. I have an image and set it to Background and always got blurred when set "Fill parent". how exactly is image resolution for showing HD images (I have been set for Screen1, Image or canvas and the output is always the same)?

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Welcome Kang,

  1. Is your image a JPG? Better make it a PNG image.

  2. You set it to Fill parent. The size of your image is 414 x 896 pixels, so it is better to use this scale (i.e. Height: 414 pixels, Width: 896 pixels).


Thanks for Reply, Sir
I used PNG, SVG, BMP, and the output was always the same (blurred).

I tried your suggestion and it looks nice, but how exactly is my phone size in pixels?

In MIT Apps :

on my phone :

Looks better but needs more size. Please more helps :sweat_smile: Thanks

Have you tried setting 'ScaleImageToFit' to true and Height and Width to Fill parent?

Yes, I did it ('ScaleImageToFit' to true and Fill parent), but the output was always the same (always got the blurred image). Do you have any image for fit on phone (Portrait) and I will try to my project?

You can try:

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Thanks,. this is great. I will use this extension later, cause what I want to use image background, then use the button and set transparent for "inject" my image as button


Thanks for the extension, I used your extension and works like a charm. Even i know my phone resolution, my image still blurred :frowning:

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Try this (720x1440px):

ok, I tried with those values. The preview on appinventor looks HD, but when I preview on my phone, got still blurred.
my app inventor :

my phone output :

i tried setting size every i know, but still no luck :frowning:

Which device & Android version?

Did you use the image that I posted (in post #11)?
... uploaded it to the assets (Media)?

yes, i used your image (720x1440px), i set with percentage, fillParent or pixel value still no luck (blurred).
this is my phone version and dimension :

I also follow this tutorial, but sometimes it works but when I drop layout (verticalArrangement), the image got blurred again.

I have 2 androids with different versions but still no luck,. now I will try using a simulator to try it.

Try this: bgImage.aia (460.1 KB)

Your project cannot show the image, but I can download the assets then reupload and set them to fill parent. This image (720x1440px) is a proper image but still not showing HD. Thanks for your advice and if anyone gets better quality, then dm me. Thanks again Anke for replying my noob question. :sweat_smile:

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bgImage2.aia (460.1 KB)

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