Image is not save in phone

Hi. My friend and I are working on a paint app. It also can open the camera and display on the canvas. It should have a save button to save the drawing but when we click on saveBtn, the image does not appear in any files in or phones.

This is how our code block for saveBtn looks like

I don't see permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
/MyPicture with slash

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This is depending on your device, but both of them is available in the MIT App Inventor folder. Try to look for the folder with your file explorer, they are there and your gallery apps did not recognize it.


Canvas.SaveAs_fileName → join → myPicture0.jpg

without any space in the fileName.

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Thanks for ur reply. But i couldn't find it in both locations

I dont quite get this.. can u explain a little more?

This bug has not yet been fixed:


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Thanks for ur reply. We already tried both ways and its the same result.

"... both ways" ? Which ways?

Try this folder

i think he should fix the name first then locate it on the folder. I tested the block last time, the saved picture is not available in the gallery app. We need to find it manually in either android or ios device

If you want to see the picture in the Gallery, you have to copy / move it to one of the Shared folders, e.g.

  • /Pictures or
  • /Download or ...

See also here:

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a very clear structure. Thank you so much. But it seems, we need to manually set the location which iam not sure how.

Or save the picture directly in the Shared folder /Pictures:

by setting → DefaultFileScope to → Shared (in the Designer) on Android 11+.

Means ...?

Thanks! It works.

The important component is in Screen setting, Find DefaultFileScope and set it to "Shared"
I did not know there is a setting for that. I thought we need to put ex:"/storage/emulated/0/Pictures" a whole address somewhere. It worked in android, not yet tested with iOS, for some reason every project is broken in the current iOS version

I mean..with space, and without the space

Show your blocks and post a small test aia.