Image AI shows no results

I am trying to create an image AI.
I followed these steps to train the AI Personal Image Classifier: Part 1 (without the video) and used the code in video but when I connect the companion and take a picture it does not show any results, the category of the image.
Can you help? Maybe I did not train the AI well?


Build .apk and install.

Hallo Juan Antonio,
sorry I don´t understand. Which .apk do I need to install?
Also if I don´t want to use video, do I still need button2 with the video?

Hallo Juan Antonio,

thank you very much. It works.
Sorry, I thought I can use the companion to test it but now I see that it does not work.

Also, do you know if there is a way of getting rid of the numbers which are shown in the result? I would prefer to show just text.

Yes. Read the entire discussion Personal image classifier display discusses how to manipulate the classification results. Modify the code to achieve the results without the values.

Hallo Steve,

thank you very much.
I think I understand it.

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