I'm new to MITAI2, I'm building an app which it needs to add multiple entry using just 1 ID number, i used google script

please help me, i don't know what to do, when i scan a qrcode it just overwrite it, not add new Date & time data .

I hope you have refered this from this web address and it records data towards the given ID. You cannot change the time, hence everyday at the end you need to copy and paste the recorded somewhere else and clear the entered data

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Why are you using Apps Script when you have the new Google Sheets component with a block to add a new row?

You could use a Clock component to format the current time according with Experiments with Logging DateTimes to Google Sheets

Regarding the need to remember where to post a TIMEOUT scan timestamp in the same row as the last TIME IN scan for that scanned number, I suggest using a TinyDB NameSpace to hold the row number value of the last TIME IN scan for that tag.

The AI2 Sheets Add Row block returns that row number, so that is a good event to catch it for storage in TinyDB.

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Simple CRUD with Google Sheets and Apps Script (fixes Hay Kel flaws…)

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thank you

thank you i'll try it now.