Iframe in Webview


I have in my Website Iframe. If I make an app with AppInventor and Webview the Iframe doesn´t show.
Is ist possible to work or can not webview show Iframe?

Hope anybody can help.

Regards from Germany

This is probably a cross-origin issue. iFrames should load if the iframe html is from the same origin, e.g. another file on your site, or if the target html is available for cross origin use.

Many thanks for the quick response. I'm embedding a calculator from another site. That could be the problem. Is there no solution for this?

The "other" site, probably want you to visit their site to use the calculator (ads/revenue etc.) so they have not allowed cross origin use.

hmm, ok. I've included the calculator on my website and it works very well there. Only the detour via the app does not work. Can I change something on my homepage? The provider wants you to sell something on the computer.

This is the site for exmaple...

Maybe anybody had an idea?

Where is the calculator?

Sorry, it´s a calculator for car insurance.
That is what i mean.

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Get/Use the customwebview extension, the iframes show up with that

The issue in the standard webview is probably the javascript.

It works!!! Thank you very much.

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