I want to show a red hash mark on the camera screen

I want to show a red hash mark on the camera screen like on a barcode reader. Or any shape, I want the screen on the camera to appear when I open the camera. In other words, I want to instantly show a shape on the live view of the camera in the background. What is the path I should follow to do this?

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I think that is beyond what can be done with App Inventor Muhammet. It might be possible with an extension though.

thanks for your answer Chris.I need to research

thanks TIMAI2 I will try and return.

Pro camera extension is not solved my problem. Because no example in youtube. And ı try to use procamera extension but ı have alo of errors

ı need another solution

Try this (uses procam extension)

redhashmark.aia (43.6 KB)


this is what you asked for.


It looks like you are using USB or an emulator?


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yes ı use emulator. And now ı used phone and everything is okey this extension is good work. Thanks Friend. You are PERFECT

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Thank you for all your answers and your valuable time. I have one last question. Even though the hashtag position settings are in the center in all places, it always appears in the upper left. ı did vaprocamcenter, vaoverlay center , screen center(horizantal and vertical) but every time hastag shown left top corner. how can ı solved?

These properties work for me


The vaOverlay is set, in pixels, to the same dimensions as vaProCam (also set in pixels)

You should also centre the label alignment, and remove the space I put in before the hash mark.

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Thank you very much. Making both parts the same size worked.

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