I want to save a file in the desired path

Hello, I want to save a file in the desired path, but I can't with this block
Is there a way?

What happens when you invoke those blocks?

The text file is placed in a path inside the program's folders, but I want to save it directly in the path of my choice

for example

you can't store files in arbitrary directories anymore
see Some basics on Android storage system

to store it in shared storage like /Download, set the file scope to Shared and use /Download.1.txt as filename


I was able to save my file in folder B with your help. Thank you for your help.


Build the APK and try (the same)...
I think there will be questions after that... :wink:


Btw, FileScope = Legacy works. Tested on Android 12.


With this method, I save a number of codes in a file with the path /Android/1.txt and then retrieve them from the same path.

Now my question is that

Does this method work on all Android devices without problems?

No. Which Android version you are testing on?

Android 7

Ok, it won't work on Android 11+.

Read post #6 (again).

I read post 6 but I am confused
If I save my file in the /Documents folder, will it not be a problem with Android 11?

You can store it in shared storage like /Download or /Documents which will work for all Android versions


I changed the save location so can I be sure it will work on all androids?

What is the FileScope of the File1 component?

If it is "App" the text file is saved in the ASD. If it is "Shared" the text file is saved in the root directory of the external storage (which will ONLY work on Android ≤ 10. If it is "Legacy" the text is saved in the PrivateDir (internal storage).

It is important for me that File2 works properly

Anyway, check it out if you want
Sample___Project.aia (302.9 KB)