I need help to connect my sliders in my app to arduino code

I have a app that has 4 sliders with a minimum value of 1 and max 100
I want the arduino code to set each slider in diffrent int number when I press the button.


I have no idea how to do it. thanks

Hi @afekDa welcome to our community!
I think to do that you need some tutorials

but my I have sliders and button. 2 or more sliders might be with the same valume and I dont know how to set it in the arduino code

Use the text JOIN block to add a code before each slider value, to help the arduino see which number is for which slider.

will it send 1 big string for all the numbers?
I need to seperate the numbers to 4 ints

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You are using a kodular, so ask in the kodular community.
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