I MustCutOff My Finger?

Very much agree

Windows ?

Firefox or Chrome ?

Try alternatives.....

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do you mean you selected "Sort Blocks by Category" accidentally?


I see you working just on this problem that I was having too... Ok, one of the other 100 problems on the MIT App Inventor Homepage... So I m a little bit relaxed, it means I must not explain this Problem to you...

My problem is that I can not more enter in the right click menue,... And now I understand... Because the developers has disabled it... Ok , then we know that it indead is not a problem on my hardware, but a homepage thing ...

Ok, disabled, ok then I know it is so like this and ok.

Better Les functions, but Les errors, and better functionality on the homepage...

Ok, thanks for the information...

I use tablet android 10 (I think)

Windows 7 pro / FireFox

This can happen when the menu is opened near the edge of the browser window. The framework that provides the menu tries to move it within the bounds of the window, but then when the mouse up event fires it triggers the action that is now under the mouse cursor. We believe that this bug will be fixed when we do our update to the blocks workspace in Q2 of this year since the Blockly framework has moved to using its own internal menu system rather than using an external framework.


Can't you just disable selection from the menu for the right mouse button?

That would require hacking on the source code for a framework two levels deep. Yes, we could do it, but it's rather a pain knowing that we will be releasing a big update to the blocks editor and negate all of the work anyway in a few months. I will take a look and see if it would be something easy to monkey patch in.

Edit: It took me a little while to track down the specific issue, but I managed to come up with a fix.


It happens to me when moving the screen and I am in the middle of the browser window not anywhere near the edge.

I attempt to deliberately use the left down and tap the right button and nothing happens!
When I am moving the screen with the left and accidentally bump the right is when it has happened and it has happened multiple time. I causes "Arrange" to fire :frowning_face:

I did not expect this kind of response! I have known of this bug for more than 2 years :astonished: As I said, I can't seem to make if happen deliberately but it now is happening to me often when moving the screen about.

Yes I always work with the screen zoomed in 3-4 times

Wes, your idea of cutting your finger off is rising to the top of the solutions list :grin:

I think Evan has implemented the correct fix, there will be no accidental 'click' as the menu opens.

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WOW Chris I did not expect this kind of response :astonished:
I don't know if it happens to anyone else or if I am a freak? Some kind of combination going on. I can't cause it to happen deliberately but it happens often to me when I am moving the screen about. :thinking:

Perhaps but that makes it real hard to troubleshoot a problem with all blocks greyed out.

OH! your meaning "Disable Workspace Grid" ? I am not sure what that does :thinking:
Despite using that option the popup still activates :frowning_face:

If anyone would understand it he is "THE MAN"

Yeees,..... Applauseee!!!!!

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