I can't enter in my app!

Hello guys, my name is Gustavo and I am having a big problem with MIT App Inventor, when I click on Create Apps my page doesn’t load, and I did a lot of things to solve that but I can’t enter yet. Please, if you can help me, I need your help!!!

Hi Gustavo. Welcome to the Forum.

Do you live in Colombia? If so read these posts for a possible explanation and cure …

If that does not apply to you, please let us know.


Hey Steve thank you for answer, no I don’t live in Colombia, I live in Brazil and my internet provider is Claro

Claro is the internet provider in Colombia that is / was blocking the App Inventor. I suspect the issue is the same as in Brazil as it is in Colombia but I do not know. Follow the ‘Colombia’ advice and you might get connected.

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I called to Claro and they said that they can’t block or un block websites, so I read the posts that reported the same problem and now I have two websites that I can enter in my app, thank you very much Steve.

The websites are: code.appinventor.mit.edu and mit-appinventor-newblocks.appspot.com.

Did they then explain why the main ai2 server is blocked ?

Suggest you stick with code.appinventor.mit.edu, and make sure you back up your projects to aia files on a regular basis

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No, they doesn’t know why this is happening, I just saved my project and thank you for your advices.

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