I cannot adjust the physical drawing scale on the canvas and phone screen (1:1)

hmm, so there is still some dependency. I guess you need to look at the Canvas source. What is your real screen width in px?

So you need to use the fill parent width, and instead of the rigid 320, the Canvas width in blocks. But you have to do it with a clock because the Canvas width won't be set when the screen is initialized.

trialarea3.aia (1.6 MB)

if canvas width is set to fill parent (screen), the vanvas.width in px * screen. density =(screen.width in pixel).

So the width of the canvas should be (screen width px/density). Unfortunately, when I use the extension, the screen width returned is 1220px, so the density should be 3.8125 for the Canvas to be 320px as it is in my case. No density value returns such a value for me.

I will test the screen size setting in the inventor app. Maybe there's a problem here.

Yes, in responsive mode I have a canvas with a width of 406 px. Canvas width = screen widthDP from extension. So the problem in all the above calculations was setting the screen size to fixed.