I can only see the site screen part in the web viewer

I can see the entire site screen on the Google app, but I can only see the site screen part in the web viewer.

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Is there a way to make the entire site visible in the webviewer, or forward the address to Google and see it on Google?

The address is
소방법시행령 <-----korean

I understand the execution of external apps, but is there a way to make the delivered address open on Google?

Yes, as shown, the website opens in Chrome with the ActivityStarter component.

I guess I can put the address I want in Datauri? I'll give it a try it. Thank you.


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I never understood why developers prefer to open webpages in external browser rather than fixing issues in webviewer with some workaround.
If the user is going to use Chrome at the end then what's the point of creating the app. Why not just public the url and tell them to load view it in browsers. :dizzy_face:

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It seems that the mit app inventor web viewer function is still lacking. So I thought about using extensions, but I didn't know when the extensions would be blocked, so I decided to use an external app.
In addition, mit app inventor had to be as small as possible because it only supports up to 10MB.

It has been 47 days since I studied coding by myself during the evening and on weekends while doing my main job. I am a beginner. It seems simple to experts, but it's hard for me. So I chose the easiest way. ^^;

웹 뷰어에서 문제를 수정하는 것도 공부하겠습니다.

You could try this extension with a webviewer, it modifies the userAgent to make the webviewer more "chrome-like"

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