I am selling an apk [PAID!]

Hello everyone!
I am selling an apk named puzzle game.
Price = $10

A photo of the app -

Those who are interested to buy this, personal message me for payment and after payment get the .apk !
Thank you ! :grinning:

I unlisted your post for now. It would be nice to post some screenshots of your app to the post and also do not share personal info. Those who are interested for your app could always send you a pm

Ok, i will post screenshots of my app.

Don't you think that Google Play or another apps store is a better place for an app?

But i am selling it personally

Hello Aquib

This forum is to Showcase your work but you cannot sell your Apps here. There are numerous platforms you can sell from, not just Google Play Store. All stores require screenshots of your App in Action together with a description. Some also require a short video. Search the web!

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See my Website for App Stores you could potentially use to distribute your App. Ensure that your App is thoroughly tested on as many different phones and Android versions as possible.

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