I am planning to build a quiz app

I really don't know :sweat_smile:

I don't know; what are they?

It's more of a riddle, rather than trivia.

Also, another Mathematics question, if somebody's interested:

Find the smallest value of x in:



Відповідь дуже проста:
Ті, хто знає про двійкову систему і ті, хто про неї не знає

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That's a good one!!!

@SRIKAR_B.S.S Do you know why 10 is 11?

Curious :thinking:

Because 10 + 10 is twenty, and 11 + 11 is twenty TOO (two).


What is the first letter a pirate learns to say?

Cringe Alert!

You may think it was the "R (Arr)," but it's actually the C (Sea).

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When two persons are talking to one othere, they know the context to talk within where they are hainvg conversesion.

If one person is talking to self and saying 30 and 5... 4 ok that's good, but the person sitting next to that person, don't know the context, and confused how 30 and 5 could be 4, it should be 35. But the first person is adding 5 to 30th December, this is 4 January.

I am not getting the perfect context to the topic but it is greatly seems to be heading towards AI and NLP.

We humans talk in context maximum time, here the context is Topic of consideration.

Here it is, Question-Answer based on Context, is it?