I am looking to download csv file from a google sheet and saving to tiny db

I am currently using google sheets as a database and retrieving data from it by search. Since I will be using this app in bad service areas. I would like to download the google sheet as a csv file when the app initializes and search the data through tiny db.

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Is the data on your google sheet static, or are you updating it from the app ?

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It would be static

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OK (important to know this, otherwise updating data offline with multiple users can be fraught with danger!)

Try something like this:

I used @Juan_Antonio 's TransportNet extension to test for cellular and wifi connections, so credits where due.


Thank you

Is there a way I can store the data from the google sheet in csv format when the app initializes. Then use in a sense as a database to do searches?

In my example, just change the Button1.Click event to the Screen1.Initialise event.

In my example, the data from google sheet is converted to an AI2 list (of lists). You can then do searches using list blocks.

Note the initial data is stored to the tinydb as raw csv table data.