Hyperlink not working

A hyperlink from the URL not working. I'm unable to download the pdf file. Could you anyone resolve this with the correct block codes?

Designer :

Block -

Website -

aia -
Story.aia (1.5 KB)

The appinventor webview is not connected to the android file system, and therefore it is not possible to use on page links to download files.

You could consider:

which will provide for this.

I tried,customwebview also. But still got the same result. I'm unable to download. could you provide the blocks with customwebview?

See here

Try ActivityStarter

it works(opened in chrome) but is there any option to open within the app itself?

For file download, use extended webview extension by Ben Moliata

You didn't check this?

checked. Still got the same result. I want to open the webpage in the app itself and if I click the hyperlink that should be open/download. any solution pls

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There is a event in custom webview called OnDownloadNeeded That gets triggered when webview want to download any file.
You must check that.

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Sorry. Nothing working. could you provide the blocks for the same?

Show what you have tried so far :thinking:

Try with LongClicked

Set item or secondaryUrl depending on the file to download, for example to download an .aia use item, to download your pdf use secondaryUrl

p127H2_customwebviewBajar.aia (69.5 KB)

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